More than 100 people were hospitalized after the accident in the country’s northeast, officials said, and at least 15 were in critical condition.
The authorities said that the unfinished Chinese-owned project had lacked required permits and had continued despite orders to cease work.
What's next for Iran?
The public response of Western politicians has been largely cautious, sometimes confused. But some analysts also praised Mr. Trump’s restraint.
The letter was revealed shortly after a trip by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, to Pyongyang, where he was seen as trying to use Mr. Kim as leverage in his trade standoff with President Trump.
Afghan forces recaptured the district of Khwaja Umari, which fell last year to the Taliban. It is a sign that younger leaders are making gains against the militants.
On the surface, all seemed warm as Kim Jong-un played host to Xi Jinping this week. So why didn’t the Chinese leader stay longer?
Around 4,000 judges have been purged since a failed 2016 coup and replaced with inexperienced judges operating in a climate of fear.
Terry Gou, who stepped back from his electronics empire on Friday, must strike a balance between the Washington and Beijing as the trade war simmers.
Deep in a jungle in Thailand, a battle is being waged between poorly armed forest rangers and poachers trying to sate China’s growing appetite for rare and precious rosewood.
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